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Our company Del Rey Gems & Minerals was founded by agate enthusiast and visionary Albert O. Ray. 

Albert found his passion for natural art and the beauty of stones at the tender age of four, when he found his first "magic rock" ( a chalcedony rose). Years later in 2008, after returning to his home town in Chihuahua, Mexico, his passion for these magical rocks, especially agates, was rekindled. The business that lead to this website began with the re-emergence of this passion.

Currently, Albert and the Del Rey team have access to more than 4000 hectares of abundantly rich claims that contain various sorts of chalcedony, jaspers, thunder-eggs, agates, and other precious/semi-precious minerals, and part of our job is to invite the many people around the world to come be a part of, –and possibly dig– some of these claims in Chihuahua, Mexico. Being blessed with a beautiful land rich in copious precious stones, we believe that it is part of our mission to educate the younger generations about lapidary work, adding value to the natural resources, and teaching the local people the beauty they have beneath their feet.

having been to various gem shows in the united states and around the world, del rey saw it fit to create its own gem and mineral society in the state of Chihuahua allowing our team to be one step closer to our final goal ( a gem and mineral show in northern Mexico).

Albert and the Del Rey team have been featured in many books, magazines, expositions and events, including lectures at the TGMS, regarding its beautiful agates and their exquisite perfection, namely: AGATES, AGATES II, AGATES III, MINERALIEN-Welt.

we hope that you find, and promise to give you some of the best natural art and other products/materials that the state of chihuahua –and in a near future, Mexico– has to offer. 

thank you for being part of the Del Rey experience.

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