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March 19, 2021

Mineralien Welt 3/2012 pg 81


Mineralien Welt 3/2013 pg 95





Mineralien Welt 2/2014 pg 116


Mineralien Welt 6/2014 pg 18


Mineralien Welt 1/2015 pg 21


Mineralien Welt 1/2017 pg 94


Book AGATE III Johann Zenz pg 311



Book AGATES the Pat McMahan collection pg 388


Book Exquisite AGATES Dietrich Mayer pg 368


Book More Exquisite AGATES Dietrich Mayer Pg 

47th Annual Denver Gem & Mineral show Sept 12-14 2014 pg 10 and pg 21


MINERAL EXPLORERS complete Second Season: Stories from the road Southern California, Tucson.

What's Hot in Tucson 2017 

What's Hot in Tucson 2018

Denver Gem and Mineral show Speaker, September 15, 2018, (Eve of the Mexican Independence day September 16th, 2018) 


Denver Gem and Mineral show, Collector showcase: "THE HEART OF CHIHUAHUA"

Denver Gem and Mineral show  Collector showcase: "THE AGATES ARE SMILING"

The Guadalupe @ Tucson Convention Center

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