March 11, 2024


Have you ever witnessed the unveiling of a true natural wonder? Imagine standing face to face with the largest agate specimen to ever see the light of day - La Guadalupe. This magnificent beauty is not just an ordinary rock; it is a majestic masterpiece that will leave you in awe.

What makes La Guadalupe so special?

Measuring an impressive 22" x 12', this agate specimen is a sight to behold. Cut in half, it resembles a perfect enormous butterfly, showcasing nature's artistry at its finest. Unearthed during the same digging season as the Heart of Chihuahua, La Guadalupe stands out as a rare gem in the world of agates.

Embracing the risk: To cut or not to cut?

Transporting La Guadalupe to the Old Pueblo lapidary shop in Tucson, AZ was just the beginning of the adventure. The decision to cut the first bottom half was met with excitement and trepidation. However, the real challenge came when faced with the dilemma of whether to cut the bigger half in the same risky manner or opt for a different approach.

Rock Cutting Shenanigans

i decided to cut the rock in a way that most would consider risky. But hey, sometimes you have to take a chance to create something truly unique, right?

After cutting the rock into four pieces, the first name that popped into my head was "The Monarch Queen of Mexico." However, my friend Joel Bartsch, President  of the Houston Museum of Natural Science,  quickly pointed out that it didn't quite resemble a monarch butterfly.

A Bee-utiful Inspiration

While chatting on the phone, a bee landed in my hand. This unexpected visitor sparked a new idea. Most people are familiar with bees, but not many know that the Queen Bee is larger and different from a regular bees. 

Inspired by this encounter and thinking of their mother who encouraged me to follow my dreams (literally), I decided to name the agate specimen "The Guadalupe, the monarch queen of Mexico" in honor of my mother, who was born on the same day as "Nuestra señora Guadulape, the mother of Jesus Christ, on December 12th, 


What Makes La Guadalupe So Special?

This agate has been turning heads wherever it goes. With its mesmerizing colors and unique patterns, La Guadalupe is truly a sight to behold. It's no wonder it was one of the most talked about pieces at the 2018 rock show in Tucson.

Where Can You See La Guadalupe?

If you want to catch a glimpse of this dazzling agate, keep an eye out for upcoming exhibits and shows. La Guadalupe has been making appearances at various events, captivating audiences with its beauty and charm.

Whether you're a gemstone enthusiast or just someone who appreciates beautiful things, La Guadalupe is definitely worth checking out. Keep an eye out for this gemstone at a show near you and prepare to be amazed!